Household & Cleaning Products

'If You Care' - Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

We distribute the ‘If You Care’ line of environmentally-friendly kitchen and household products. We can offer a range of impressively effective and useful household products that are designed to clean efficiently and smell great whislt having a small carbon footprint and causing minimal environmental impact. Whilst we develop our on-line sales platform and retail outlet network, please contact us for any enquiries or orders.

From If You Care:

"If You Care is committed to protecting the environment by producing high-quality alternatives to conventional kitchen and household products. The materials we use are specially chosen to reduce their impact on our environment. We use unbleached paper, recycled materials and wood and paper coming from sustainably managed forests. We replace petroleum based ingredients with natural and renewable resources. We use paper from pulp and paper mills practicing the highest levels of clean water management. Every care is taken to ensure that each step– from factory to store shelf – conforms to strict standards for the conservation and protection of our greatest asset – the environment."